Software Defined Environment

Virtualisation – Be More Responsive to Changes Needs

Software Defined Environment (SDE) is truly the next step in the evolution of agile, optimised information technology. This step helps you simplify your operations and minimise time-to-value.

Smart City Global Solutions Group provides you such services, as a new approach for holistic, simplified IT management in which entire infrastructure is on real-time basis.

SDE are workload-aware, leveraging best practices with patterns of expertise. It helps us remove technology barriers to real-time business response by automating entire infrastructure; and enable intelligent, dynamic optimisation of IT resources based on workload requirements.

Furthermore, Software Defined Network for Virtual Environments, represents a core component of SDE concept. SDE is a network solution that supplies a complete implementation framework for overlay networks.

In a SDE workloads do not depend on specific systems. That is the advantage of the approach, everything runs on the best applicable combination of hardware assets. Key concept of SDE is that it is sort of mosaic – a flexible approach made up of various solutions working in concert.

In fact, virtualization Рa term that combines a huge number of technologies and solutions, which task is to provide the user necessary resources when needed and as long as necessary, ensure their safety and freeing IT staff from having to implement complex technical IT infrastructure.

Server virtualization is used for consolidation to save money instead of purchasing, more rapid return on investment, as well as to provide fault-tolerant operation.

Desktop Virtualization is mainly used in order to provide users with flexible access to its operational data due to the transfer of the majority of production processes in the data center company.

Application virtualization is used for centralized deployment of applications to improve their interoperability and manageability.