Our Smart City Understanding

Given the urbanization trend, will cities cope with the pressing challenges and continue to prosper?

Yes, but only if civic leaders and policy makers go beyond the conventional focus on individual departments, programs or services.

Indeed, they must start to consider cities as complex ecosystems and adjust strategy, governance and operations accordingly. New solutions and insights are required to be able to manage these scarce resources efficiently and to be able to manage urbanization process for the benefit of all.

The significant growth presents certain challenges for organisations and city authorities.

Rapid urbanization plays an integral role in economic and societal progress. However, it also strains a city’s infrastructure. Key challenges, such as traffic congestion, energy usage, public safety, and the building of sustainable communities are top of mind. Such challenges need to be addressed through the development and implementation of intelligent solutions.

Smart City solution providers face the challenge yet a great opportunity of integrating key initiatives within a city’s existing framework.

Smart cities are measured by the integration of their infrastructure and the intelligent ways by which they tackle challenges. A smart city puts emphasis on creating a system of networks to allow for a systematic flow of information and effective management of resources. Enabling integration and convergence with organisations and local authorities to provide solutions for the development of a smart city is crucial.

Our need to improve our understanding of cities, however, is pressed not only by the social relevance of urban environments, but also by the availability of new strategies for city-scale interventions that are enabled by emerging technologies.

Leveraging advances in data analysis, sensor technologies, and urban experiments, we will provide new insights into creating a data-driven approach to urban design and planning.

Our future cities will desperately need such understanding.

Cities evolutions is already happening. This evolution will provide cities with excellent ways to improve its living standards and economies. As a result, people would have access to comfortable, clean, engaged, healthy and safe lifestyle.

Cities in turn would access further economic development with the foundations of prosperity – the fundamental infrastructure services that let compete in the world economy.